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Narrative OC Meme Mixed Source :icongmd88:GMD88 1 2
NaNoWriMo 2009 Result by GMD88 NaNoWriMo 2009 Result :icongmd88:GMD88 0 11 Mouse-drawn Portal Meme by GMD88 Mouse-drawn Portal Meme :icongmd88:GMD88 3 2 GMD88 ID for 2008 by GMD88 GMD88 ID for 2008 :icongmd88:GMD88 0 19
A Lesson on Change
When the winds of change blow and meet
the calming waters and bales of wheat,
They'll ruffle. You'll ruffle.
Where lake and farm both coincide,
we'll both examine deep inside
My soul. Your soul.
Sitting cross-legged on the ground
Posing questions, round by round.
Do take. Your time.
Questions, answers, theories, laughter,
Stay with me from now 'til hereafter.
Pat-pat. Pat-pat.
Your sweat drips off, as does mine,
Won't you be here for all of time?
Pad-pad. Pad-pad.
Fall silent, young lass! I shall inspect,
Be it man or creature, they've no respect.
Take man.
"For all of time? I hope he didn't mean..."
Piercing the peace, she then heard a scream.
Slash. Slurp. Chomp. Gulp.
Standing up in her panic was the final mistake
Its strong claws were upon her like a garden rake.
Slurp. Chomp. Gulp. Murr.
This star-crossed lover, now properly fed,
call out to her mate to come share this new bed.
H'waa! S'aii! H'meh! Hrrau.
Two wyrms now shared in each other's delight
making love well into
:icongmd88:GMD88 0 1
HISK Confrontation
     A slight adjustment to hide my hair behind my hat, and I’m all ready. At 9:00 a.m., the fun begins. The Cast Member up front unclips the rope, and Guests of all ages and sizes make their way toward the attraction entrance. Were it not for the huge signs and guidemaps, nearly every Guest would miss our little playground. As a matter of fact, I’d hope they would. In case they do, though, we have measures in place. An arrangement of nails taller than the grass stands guard around the borders. Disgruntled Guests would get quite a surprise if they tried to stomp us all into oblivion: with a foot full of nails, they’d certainly be discouraged to try it again.
     This is no ordinary playground. Guests of the “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure” hardly realize that they’ve suddenly been reduced to the size of ants. Under the guise of a “fun-filled, larger than life playground,” we allow G
:icongmd88:GMD88 0 4
Steven, You Will Be Missed by GMD88 Steven, You Will Be Missed :icongmd88:GMD88 0 0 Ode to Imagination by GMD88 Ode to Imagination :icongmd88:GMD88 1 5 The Infamous Art Meme by Nyu by GMD88 The Infamous Art Meme by Nyu :icongmd88:GMD88 2 2
The Year of a Million Memories
Fellow Cast, Imagineers, Dream-Makers, and Dream-Seekers:
I know we haven't always been on good terms. In fact, we really didn't start out on good terms. Disney was my last choice for employment. After so many failed attempts to gain employment, I used Disney as my last resort. Upon speaking with the Cast Members over at Casting, I knew there was something different about this time. Sure, I was a bit freaked out over the prospect of working over at Disney's Animal Kingdom as a Park Greeter. The last time I'd visited was back in 2000. Who would've guessed that the place I visited so long ago would be where I would end up working...
And so the adventure truly began. I trained in the first week of August with Dottie Yost showing me the ropes and Rebecca alongside me as the fellow trainee. I learned a whole new train of thought...the Disney Way, so to speak. I learned how to work the turnstiles, to take the tickets, to interact with Guests, how to deal with the stresses of heat, of frustra
:icongmd88:GMD88 0 9
Desktop - 2007 by GMD88 Desktop - 2007 :icongmd88:GMD88 1 16
DAK Question Song Lyrics
When I'm working out at DAK way down in Disney World
I don't clean up the puke of that guy who just hurled
I meet all kinds of people who don't care 'bout my name
and they start asking questions that are always the same
"Yo, Why don't my ticket work?" -- It's demagnetized.
"Why don't my ticket work?" -- You bent it.
"Why don't my ticket work?" -- You put it in wrong!
Stop asking me the question!
So I go into the break room - now it's not quite posh
It's a place where I can go to sit down and nosh
on bitter tasting food 'til my break's overdue
Get back out there on that stage - round two!
"Yo, is that big tree real?" -- No, it isn't.
"Is that big tree real?" -- Nooooo.
"Is that big tree real?" -- IT'S A THEME PARK!
Stop asking me the question!
Can you take our picture? Come on, look mean!
Would you tell us how to work that little FastPass machine?
Hey, questions, questions, just fill my head
I find another guest, and now this guest said
"What's the finger for?" -- It's security.
:icongmd88:GMD88 1 3
An Open Letter to Friends
Dear humans, dragons, foxes, shapeshifters, sizeshifters, furs, non-furs, anti-furs, coworkers, and anyone else I may have forgotten to mention who associate themselves with me,
     So, here it is. It's nearly the end of 2006. What a turbulent year. Seems like every year can be turbulent in one way or another, but we've made it to the end without having the entire world blow up, so I suppose that's a plus. The best part of that is that each of you has made it along with me. Give yourselves a pat on the back. No, seriously. For wanting to be the friend of someone who can be mean, nasty, and just plain despicable some days, you deserve my deepest gratitude. I am more than happy to have each of you here with me as we approach and look to 2007.
     Along the way, I've picked up a number of new associates to take the ride with me. Some of you introduced yourselves to me, and some of you had to deal with the first few clunky IMs of my personal shyness. Either way, you decided that I might
:icongmd88:GMD88 1 7
Sleepy Sparky by GMD88 Sleepy Sparky :icongmd88:GMD88 5 2 Gift for Psy by GMD88 Gift for Psy :icongmd88:GMD88 1 3
Trapped Gary -Unfinished-
His eyes searched the room for a crevice, but found little more than the stone walls he'd been staring at for at least an hour. If walls could stare back, he mused, it would feel much colder in here than it already does. Shuddering a little and now wishing that he would've just taken a jacket like his mother asked him to, Gary now felt very alone. How he got there was anybody's guess to him. He had to have been kidnapped somehow, taken from where he was just before closing his eyes and waking up in such a mess. He sighed, giving up hope for an easy escape. If he was to bust out, it would be either with cunning smarts or sheer luck. In either case, he would have to get away before his captor knew of it. Questions flooded his mind now. Who was this person? What purpose did they lock him up for? What were they planning to do to him, and why? The cell, he figured, was about half the size of his bedroom at home, too small for comfort, and not a single furnishing in sight. If there was such
:icongmd88:GMD88 0 4


Happy Early B-Day Gary by WolfenRaven Happy Early B-Day Gary :iconwolfenraven:WolfenRaven 5 10 RP Stamp - Eat Your Fandom by Foxxie-Chan RP Stamp - Eat Your Fandom :iconfoxxie-chan:Foxxie-Chan 1,780 254 25 Essential Expressions by napalmnacey 25 Essential Expressions :iconnapalmnacey:napalmnacey 40,394 3,759 Gary's Late Birthday Gift by Mike-Dragon Gary's Late Birthday Gift :iconmike-dragon:Mike-Dragon 10 14 Toki Motogawa by WolfenRaven Toki Motogawa :iconwolfenraven:WolfenRaven 26 27 master and pet by saber-th master and pet :iconsaber-th:saber-th 127 80 Lava by Psychodragon717 Lava :iconpsychodragon717:Psychodragon717 2 1 Gecko :::: by ArtofGrelin Gecko :::: :iconartofgrelin:ArtofGrelin 1,797 253 Chibisuke ish hungwy by saber-th Chibisuke ish hungwy :iconsaber-th:saber-th 85 25 Chibisuke ish hungwy 2 by saber-th Chibisuke ish hungwy 2 :iconsaber-th:saber-th 86 29 Psy's wafers inked by jo-shadow Psy's wafers inked :iconjo-shadow:jo-shadow 3 19



Gary Duncan
United States
Current Residence: Florida, close to Disney World
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: phone?
Favourite cartoon character: Various. Hard to pick a favorite.
I hope the holiday season finds all of my watchers and their loved ones in great health, good spirits, and rapturous merriment. This is a small update just to kick the NaNoWriMo stuff out of the journal, so I hope that this season brings peace, love, and happiness to all who wish for it.

Gave a couple of 3 month subs for the chance to get some of my own, so yay, no ad DA!
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